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old - The First Step old - The First Step

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That switch was mind blowing. Talk about changing moods completely, wow. You seriously have two song here, and i like the second one more. Just take out that the bass line....haha

DarkA - Playing with keys. DarkA - Playing with keys.

Rated 3 / 5 stars

this song is similar to my style

so yeah, i thought it was good. But the beginning piano got really old quickly. The hi hats you used didnt really go with the song, they sounded more like disco.....? It was good for the first like minute and a half, but like i said, sort of went downhill. The interlude should have come earlier, and i would have dropped the piano, because the fluteish thing can barely be heard. It builded nicely though.
Keep at it

DJdarkangel responds:

10x for the review

Hmm... i always thought that the hats went well with the song, but i might work on it.
Although like i said i did this a long time ago and i have forgotten the idea of it, you know this song came with emotions and if i re-make it i doubt that it will sound good i would probably ruin it.

Nonetheless if i get the muse for it i'll take you pointers and make a new version. :)

10x again
DarkAngel out...

Heroic spaceship ride Heroic spaceship ride

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Not bad, but still could use some work

I mean the instruments werent that great, but you wont get a lot better than that on Fruity Loops. The bassline was basic, but it worked, so Im not unhappy with it. However, it was very obvious how basic the song was by repeating the exact same melody after your interlude, but keep working, you will get better, and make better decisions on your own.

PS, my brother thinks it sounds like a kid licking a lolipop

Gettin Funkay Gettin Funkay

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your profile picture makes me laugh
thats all i really have to say

Trice-C responds:

yeh lol sos bout that m8

*+*+(Forest of Light)+*+* *+*+(Forest of Light)+*+*

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I would hate to burst your buubble or anything. But This song wasn't all that great.
All of the sounds were super clear and crisp, but the composition was where it lacked its quality. It was entirely way too repetitive, the chords switched nicely but the pattern of the lead flute was the same thing the whole time, and that makes the song sound very unprofessional, and I know thats your ultimate goal in making music.

However, I am pleased to see you making original music again, and for the little of it that you do, you are very good at it. With a little more practice I can see your talents improoving greatly

Chronamut responds:

ya it was a tad repetitive eh - guess thats my own limitations - I'll fix that in time.. but then again in certain games the tune repeats over and over - and thats kinda what I was gonig for.. ah well.

thanks for the review!


Psychopath Psychopath

Rated 3 / 5 stars

youre gay

because you dledyour sng 1000 times
This song isnt bad, but I mean come on, wha were you thinking.
The main synth was pretty sweet, and he begining ambient wind pad was a good lead....into nothing. The bass should have been 1000 times more booming, then turn donwn the volume on the guitars and make them more crisp and you have a half-way decent song.

You should b thankful I didnt just flame this review

bogman247 responds:

I am being COMPLETELY honest, I didnt even download this song even once, if I wanted to do that, I would have downloaded one of my better songs. I really wouldnt waste my time doing something like that. You're going to have to face the fact that people have different tastes in music than you, so grow up and go home.
P.S I didnt even know that downloading a song 1000 times got it a platinum, I thought it was up to the administrator.

-MrMaestro- Forsaken Skies -MrMaestro- Forsaken Skies

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you, my friend

have mastered he art of developing a song. It was flawlessly composed, although introducing e melody a lttle it sooner could hav added to the complexion of the whole iece, because it did sound almost....too diverse, if that is possible.The climax did tie everything together nicely though. I will be lookin for more submissions by you in the near future

DavidOrr responds:

Tahnks a lot for the kind words! It means quite a bit comming from someone like you!

Sad Life Sad Life

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I bet your life sucks

mmmmmsort of shitty. I mean, you only wrote one part to the song, and the rest of it was an overused drum loop that had a painfuly long break before ti looped again and a sound clip from scarface. I suppose this deserves some sort of recognition or award, right? Please, I spit on you.
Try again

The Ender PT2 The Ender PT2

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I do like fans

Your intro was odd, to say the least. You should try creating your own basslines and not relying so heavily on preset sytrus samples. You say that you have been only doing this for under a year, and for that I applaud you. My first year, well it pretty much sucked, but i developed the passion. It seems you know enough about chords and what sounds nice to make a name for yourself here. I look forward to seeing your prgression

IamMark responds:

Hah hah yeah, styrusFun was the last of the sequence songs I will do. It's just that i got them when i upgraded to FL4 from 3.5 and had not played with them yet. You can't do too much with sequences because otherwise your songs will all sound the same. Kinda like the similarity from this song and scarcity. I do have some bass lines made, just no melody to go with them yet. Thanks for the review

SytrusFun SytrusFun

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Im glad your title...

said exactly how this song was going to sound. Sytrue is nice, but formulating a whole song around it requires a little more diversity.
You can look at my looming abyss song, i did it all with sytrus. The melody was too basic-not really there. Im glad you incorporated more instruments, but they did little to add to the feel of a song. You def should have ended it when the synth went solo after like three minutes

Then it just starts to drag.....
You know what your doing, you will see improovement

IamMark responds:

Yeah I know it kinda dragged a bit, but I was being a little stubborn about changing it since I wanted people to hear where I made the changes from how it started. I can't do too much with sytrus since i need a faster computer so I had to stay pretty basic. But since my songs are starting to get more complex I will need to upgrade pretty soon. Just keep in mind I have been at this for less than a year and my progress is a lot more now than when i started. Thanks for the review RyeGuy, You are one of my favorite artists on here already and just getting a review from you makes me happy.