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...that build up, woah.

Don't really understand the end though.

Very. very cool.

Not sure how the synth player switched to a guitarist, I want the synth back...haha

This is one of the most interesting mixer concepts I've seen. Please do release the audio on the portal, it could use some more funk!

SwanBrown responds:

Sorry it took so long to get around to it, but I just uploaded the original Mixdown here:

Also, Thanks for your kind review. I think this is like my fifth published flash thing.
I Do believe I'm improving.

Noticed the loop started with the creep factor (instead of the tiny teddy), might want to fix that :)

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Cool concept, but the controls/animation are a little clunky. Clean that up, add some music, and you've got yourself a game!

revenantgames responds:

Thanks! Yes it's mostly just a crazy concept I wanted to try, seeing it's successful I'll make a full game

Cool concept, nice music. The score screen when you lost is a little bit confusing.

Was wondering if the ballon things fall faster at higher levels (only got to lvl 4 before quitting).

maybe it's just me, but it doesn't load...

(running google chrome on an iMac; pop-up blocked disabled)

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A very appropriate title with that opening. It is lofty and adrift, and the underlying swells add a great sense of foreboding which is capitalized by that delayed bass edging in the drums.

The beat was a little underwhelming after that intro (probably says more about the intro than anything else). Maybe tweaking the snare down a few semitones might do the trick. It is otherwise a very full sound, especially when the two lead synths are working with each other.

The (keyboard?) melody at 2:15 was overpowered by all the reverb and bass. I'd be interested to hear how an acoustic piano would sound here instead...it would add some more punch to the attack, and you'd be able to really lean into all that sweet, sweet reverb.

The breakdown before the 2nd half was executed well. The tom / snare hits sound great together. The keyboard solo reaffirms my belief that this should be on an acoustic piano :) I like the synth hits at the 4:14 mark, but you can barely hear them.

Overall, it's a solid track that sets a great tone and is arranged well. Some minor adjustments on the mix are needed (imo), but that should be expected when you've only spent 4 days on it. Some of my favorite songs are the ones that seem like they've been just waiting to get out.

Nice work!

xZiriusX responds:

To clarify, the keyboard at 2:15 was made with Dexed, and with one of the e. piano presets from the original cartridges. I definitely should've spent more time equalizing it, or used an acoustic piano instead :P. The more i hear it, the more mistakes i hear in the mixing of other synths and even the drums, but I guess I'll leave them as is, for posterity sake hehe.

Apt title, I feel it.

The keyboards are a great foundation, and all of the background ambience (rain/scratches/phone?) work wonders. The sparsity of the strings is somewhat bold, like...I want to know a percentage of how often they're playing in the overall song. The detune on the main synth adds to the off-color atmosphere, and I like how the melody doesn't do too much either (works with the mood). The drums are forceful yet playful at the same time, a nice mix of jazz and hip hop.

Great stuff.

CRSNT responds:

Thank you so much! The strings are only in the last part of the bar as a transition. I was thinking of getting a vocalist on this track so keep an eye out for that! Think Sophie Meiers...

Sick build up, the panning on the bass and the heavy reverb on the vocal hits / crashes creates a really nice atmosphere. I like the vocal part here, but sorta wish it was an octave lower (or was doubled up with a lower part) all the way through the eq sweep before the drop.

Main part is solid. 8-bit lead has some crunchy goodness, and the vocals work really well here.

I liked the heavy reverse effect around the 2 minute mark, but it is overwhelming in the lower mix. I thought the attack was a little behind when the string pad first came in, but it eventually blended in nicely.

Good work bringing the main part back. Those high synths at the end could probably be more prominently featured

Fade out was dope. You definitely have a catchy, nicely produced tune here. Solid stuff.

GameBalance responds:

It's hard for me to predict how the stuff will sound around and how right it would be for side listener. Hope I can get more experience.
Oh and if by reverse effect you mean that melodic sound like that coming from fade in(it also plays in the outro). Then it's the best thing where it is possible to hear the feature of the cross distorting sound. All those sounds that play in the melody(except for bass that playing on main beat, and strings) are like distorting each other.

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