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...that build up, woah.

Don't really understand the end though.

Very. very cool.

Not sure how the synth player switched to a guitarist, I want the synth back...haha

This is one of the most interesting mixer concepts I've seen. Please do release the audio on the portal, it could use some more funk!

SwanBrown responds:

Sorry it took so long to get around to it, but I just uploaded the original Mixdown here:

Also, Thanks for your kind review. I think this is like my fifth published flash thing.
I Do believe I'm improving.

Noticed the loop started with the creep factor (instead of the tiny teddy), might want to fix that :)

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Cool concept, but the controls/animation are a little clunky. Clean that up, add some music, and you've got yourself a game!

revenantgames responds:

Thanks! Yes it's mostly just a crazy concept I wanted to try, seeing it's successful I'll make a full game

Cool concept, nice music. The score screen when you lost is a little bit confusing.

Was wondering if the ballon things fall faster at higher levels (only got to lvl 4 before quitting).

Ahib responds:

Thanks, I will work on the score screen

Yea it gets faster, and there's different kinds, like ones rotating with spikes

maybe it's just me, but it doesn't load...

(running google chrome on an iMac; pop-up blocked disabled)

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haven't heard the drums come in yet, but timpani would sound excellent...

oh there it is :D

Thinking a plucked Japanese instrument (like a koto or shamisen) would fit in just about anywhere in this number, and you could play them off the drums nicely since they are somewhat percussive themselves.

this has an awesome feel to it already though, good stuff.

super fuckin heavy

yea the bass drums could maybe thud a bit more (turn down the level and up the low eq?), but the patterns are on point. The higher parts that come in around the 1 minute part should probably come forward a bit more in the mix (it's better later on in the track). Nice use of effects, and the breakdown at 1:30 was quite refreshing. found myself nodding my head along for sure, was ready to jump into a mosh pit around the 2 minute mark.

there's tons of variation in this, but it all seems to fit in together...and bringing back a main riff from time to time is going to allow me to get at least part of this stuck in my head. good shit

hoorayjay responds:

I know this is late but thank you my duder. Check out my newest track if you're keen on this.

thanks for (sorta) reviewing my latest, here's your return favor.

(beginning - 0:20) - nice fade in, but bass is a little overpowered during the low end of the filter sweeps

(0:21 - 0:42) - nice way to bring back the theme from the intro. good bouncy beat, but i feel like the snare could have packed some more punch. synths worked together nicely.

(0:42 - 0:45) - not a fan of this transition, needs more leading into the dropoff or I'd flow right into the next part

(0:45 - 1:06) - cool synth part here with the delayed attack, but it does peak a bit before the beat pops back in. rhythm synth has a good build to bring back the main theme.

(1:07 - 1:49) all the parts come together here pretty well. It does start to drag on a bit, could use some parameter tweaks on the synths here to have them play off each other better. could easily work as a video game theme

(1:50 - end) - piano part is ok, but it doesn't fit in at all with the rest of the song...maybe have it start off with it instead?

pretty good work here. melody is catchy and all the parts of the song all have merit. needs more fluidity in the transitions and dynamics throughout to keep it rolling. I'm trying to be constructive here, so try not to take it too personally...

Dowon responds:

OMG Thank you very much!!!~!
I really appreciated your feedback :)

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