Fantabulous Looptastic Jams

2014-05-26 20:44:21 by RyeGuyHead

The story:

One of the down-sides of having a (fuller than) full time job is not having as much time to make music. One of the up-sides is getting real paid, enough to buy sweet new gear. Of course, owning the gear means nothing without knowing how to use it...

I am finally getting the hang of my Boss RC-30 Loop Pedal. The real breakthrough came when I found out I could run both my Roland Juno-D and Novation Ultranova through the pedal at the same time. The result is some really funky solo-synth action. It is certainly an interesting twist to the music I have uploaded in the past. It is undoubtedly a lot more raw, which equates to something both less polished and filled with more emotion. Running a composition through the computer always de-humanizes it, and it is something I have grown all too accustomed with. Learning to live with blemishes has been tough, but the occasional accidental is rarely noticed to the un-trained ear and never really hurt anyone ;)

Listening to these is a pleasant reminder that I need to work on my keyboard chops. However, I never get tired of combining all sorts of different sounds and morphing them into something that is truly unique and my own.

The setup:


The tunes:


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2014-05-27 09:24:25

That's cool. As I mentioned somewhere in a review of your songs, I got a Juno-D as well, but yours looks a bit broken (I mean the pitchbender)

(Updated ) RyeGuyHead responds:

Haha, yeah (nice eye!)...

I brought all of my gear out to a stupid awesome metal jam session a couple months ago and the tip of the pitchbender got chipped off somewhere en route.

It is still fully functional though :)


2014-07-25 06:54:11

Ugh yeah, I've grown way too accustomed to making music digitally, it's become less fun as a result. I moved out a couple of years ago, and had trouble finding room for my instruments. As a result, I barely touched my synthesizers (or midi controllers) and on top of that my mixer broke down last year, so yeah... I did very recently create a cheap rig for my instruments to sit on though! Right now I own a Juno-D, Microkorg and SP404. There's a couple of other synthesizers I'd love to own, but I should probably make more use out of what I already own before deciding on buying anything new. I was thinking of getting back into it and buy a Behringer XENYX 1204USB mixer. Speaking of which, what hardware do you use to record your sessions? And what's the software you use to mix it all down? I've been listening to your sessions off and on as they popped up in my feed. I really like live recordings, with all its little imperfections :)

RyeGuyHead responds:

I know what you mean! It's impossible to have your music not sound mechanical when everything is created using a piano roll...

I have both of my synths plugged into my loop pedal, which is plugged into an Avid M-box. The midi box streams the sound into Logic, which I use for all of my post-production (which I try to keep to a bare minimum). It's a pretty basic setup for now. The boss RC30 only has two channels; I'd like to have a little more control than that...

Keep checking your feed. I have a couple more sessions on the way!