A Partnership is Formed

2013-10-28 23:54:46 by RyeGuyHead

The best review I've ever left was for this song

Because it led to a collab with this person

On this song

I've been writing/playing music for a while now, and this has to be one of my proudest moments...There's just something about hearing a song you've written being performed by someone else and making it better than you ever imagined. Miss LadyArsenic is already working on another one of my tunes, I have an old songwriting buddy that is about to get the same DAW as me, plus I just started playing in a less-than-serious but still brutally awesome metal band.

Collabs all around!


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2013-11-09 04:13:47

Yeah, collaborations are awesome, will check it out.

Btw, congrats on the ten year NG anniversary! And active since sign-up too, that's quite a feat.

RyeGuyHead responds:

My commitment to this site is unwavering :D