Money Can't Buy Inspiration (or can it?)

2013-02-05 21:28:23 by RyeGuyHead

Many of you might have noticed (or not) that my productivity significantly dropped in 2012.

Did my creative bubble pop?
Did I lose interest in writing music?
Did I give the proverbial middle finger to Newgrounds and move my music somewhere else(like that would ever happen)?

No, no, and no. I got a (fuller than full) full-time job and, more often than not, my free time is sparse and my brain is shot.

With a job comes money, though. And with money comes the ability to buy sweet musical toys. I purchased myself a little Novation Ultranova about two months ago, and have slowly been coming to grips with the controls. I was most stoked about the vocoder feature, and have put it to the test in my latest release of Bend||Break.

While a vocoder can cover up how flat my singing voice is, it doesn't do anything to correct my breathing patterns. Bottom line is: My voice still needs work...a lot of work. But I'm not giving up on it yet.

The next thing on my wish list is this Vox loop pedal. With this puppy I should be able to crank out tunes like there is no tomorrow. And when I get two (one for my Roland Juno-D), all bets are off. If you missed me in 2012, you're likely to be sick of me in 2013.

Also, check out this BRAND NEW TRACK void of vocals (for your listening pleasure).

- Adieu


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2013-02-06 14:12:06

you can recruit voice actors to sing for you