I take bizarre requests for songs

2009-05-07 01:27:22 by RyeGuyHead

And I deliver, cuz I'm a nice guy like that...

Case and Point


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2009-05-07 01:32:39

Make a song about a bizarre vagina

(Updated ) RyeGuyHead responds:

I sort of did that already

Check out O Face(Talkin Dirty)


2009-05-07 01:33:59

make a tribute to me

RyeGuyHead responds:

what do you do?


2009-05-08 12:31:54

my absence has been long...

but my will is not gone.

i wish for you to compose a song about...


start with the a delicate major key melody, think nickelodeon kids theme music.
the puppy days so to speak.

then lead that into the march of a noble warrior. a beagle that knows no fear. slayer of many rabbits.

and then describe his descent into old age. the passage of time erodes us all.



RyeGuyHead responds:

I can only make one tribute to dead animals per year

Sorry bro


2009-05-09 21:02:13

You are busy with my remixes, aren't you?

RyeGuyHead responds:

sure, im sort of done


2009-05-09 22:15:12

What's your email address?

RyeGuyHead responds:





2009-05-17 20:53:41

You're back! Where were you?!
I posted an interesting story for a remix. You should look at it. Post the remixes of my YouTube videos after you finish them but one by one.

RyeGuyHead responds:

I was everywhere and nowhere all at the same time


2009-05-17 20:57:22

As I told you way back in my reply of your comment, you'll be leaving a comment saying that you finished one of my remixes.

RyeGuyHead responds:

I finished one of your remixes


2009-05-28 16:10:12

Yes! You're the best!


2009-05-28 22:01:35

Go to this link: http://www.spriters-resource.com/ds/p kmndungeon2/sheet/5982
If you're about to post the remixes about each Pokémon, copy from Turtwig to Darkrai and turn them into GIF files for Newgrounds to accept them. Remember, if there are two of the same portrait of the Pokémon, pick one of these portraits, just one and do what I recommended you to do. For Shaymin and Arceus' portraits, cut their heads from their sprites from this link: http://www.spriters-resource.com/ds/p kmnplatinum/sheet/23524
Cut their heads for a 46x46 GIF icon. Shaymn and Arceus are the last two Pokémon from the bottom.


2009-05-28 22:37:16

Make songs for these places. Next to the names are the elements they need:

1. Nazi Field
2. Eye Portal
3. Damaged Cauldron
4. Surgery Opening
5. Gun Tower (dormant)
6. Handgun Tower (active)
7. Decarabia Lake
8. Stomach Mall (abandoned)
9. Chocolate Bulge
10. Melted Iron Lake
11. Strange Cave
12. Cigarrete Tower
13. Double Cauldrons
14. Underground Rocket Base
15. Sunshine Plains
16. Mt. Coronet
17. Tobacco Sea Tower
18. Unfinished Island Cave
19. Nazi Island Fissure

Good Luck with these remixes!!!


2009-05-30 14:18:18

The content the 19 remixes need are below.

No. 1: Needs an evil laugh and some thunderbolts.
No. 2: Needs a distorted background sound and some wind.
No. 3: Needs a boiling water sound and some explosions.
No. 4: Needs a sound of a scalpel cutting through skin and the sound of droplets.
No. 5: Needs steam and digital computer sounds.
No. 6: Needs loud gunshots and digital computer sounds.
No. 7: Needs bubbles and some earthquakes.
No. 8: Needs garage doors opening and echoing sounds.
No. 9: Needs icy sounds.
No. 10: Needs a boiling water sound and the sound of someone punching iron.
No. 11: Needs a raining background and some farts.
No. 12: Needs smoking sounds and fires.
No. 13: Needs boiling water sounds and splashing sounds.
No. 14: Needs digital computer sounds and a rocket launcher.
No. 15: Needs natural sounds.
No. 16: Needs snow and an ancient background.
No. 17: Needs smoking sounds, fires and aquatic sounds.
No. 18: Needs an excavator and a stone door opening.
No. 19: Needs evil laughs, some thunderbolts and a house throwing water.


2009-05-31 20:50:56

I uploaded 11 more videos for you to remix. Be sure to watch my news post for you to understand what I'm telling you.


2009-06-05 14:03:26

I reviewed all your remixes in one day. Check it out.

RyeGuyHead responds:

i noticed, you're my #1 fan


2009-06-06 17:46:03

I sent you two PMs, one is a reply of your message you sent me and the other one I sent you for the people you need for the dialogue of the raping event.

One question: You told me you were starting with The Noisy Hole, but, where will you end?


2009-06-10 13:35:29


Your music relaxes my brain and my lungs... Go forward...


2009-06-10 17:41:19

Go to this link: http://picasaweb.google.com/gabalesan tiago/HolesWithoutVideosForRemixes#

The holes without videos for remixes. Look, when you enter the link, click one of the pictures of each hole, save it to your computer, remake it by shrinking it into a 46x46 icon and turn it into a GIF file, so NG can accept that file for the remix of the holes.

For the holes with videos, pause the video in the part you're cutting for the 46x46 GIF icon and then, after you shrink it into the 46x46 icon and turn it into a GIF image, put it on the indicated hole you remixed.

Nice regards and good luck,


2009-06-18 16:42:22

Fuck! Where are you?!

Why don't you reply to my comments?!

OH! Where are you?!


2009-06-21 18:24:32

Hmmm... Where are you hiding?


2009-06-30 07:35:52

Wow, Tingle, you look like a stalker.


2009-07-22 07:57:35

Can u do a remix of Love(sick)? thanx