Back, in action

2008-11-24 23:43:06 by RyeGuyHead

Well, I got my computer back, and while its much smaller, I think it will be bale to pack even more of a punch. Once I get my Reason copy back, I will put up some fresh shit in no time. It will have to be
entirely new, seeing as my last computer melted and lost all of my work from the last couple months....

But I have been busy writing still, in class and such. My latest assignment was to elaborate on some progression in D major, that went to A minor then A7 major and then Bb-C. It was hard to find a melody in that order, so all I used all the chords and a few others and mixed it around a bunch.

Anyways, ended up writing it about my cat Whiskers, who passed away about three weeks ago. He lived to be almost 20 and, after a onset of kidney failures, died peacefully on the porch of the vet's office of lethal injection(he was already on IV fluid).

I had to write the thing on garage band, because my computer was dead aswell and the file I now have is a 5:30 mp4 of me lamenting to my cat. If someone could lend me a hand in converting this to an mp3 it would be much awesome, and hilarious, beacuse I'm singing and, eventually rapping...

Newgrounds should get a kick out of it

Back, in action


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