{!RGH} Driftwood Video Game Loop
{!RGH} Turkish Delights Ambient Song
{!RGH} Felonious Vino Jazz Song
{!RGH} The Riffmaster Video Game Song
{!RGH} Z-Epic Fusion Song
{!RGH} Ghost Writer Techno Song
{!RGH} Celebration XXVII Dance Song
{!RGH} Bent && Broken Fusion Song
{!RGH} Weird Vibes Fusion Song
{!RGH} Pump! (the jam) Experimental Song
{!RGH} Rat-Eater Video Game Loop
{!RGH} Swell Bells Experimental Song
{!RGH} PersonalDay Pop Song
CTSG4: Anniversary Edition Cinematic Song
{!RGH} Glitchcore Techno Loop
{!RGH} Detail Devil Video Game Loop
{!RGH} Nine9 - Multi Dance Dance Song
{!RGH} Seven15- Fright Factory Experimental Song
{!RGH} Seven2 - Scratch Dance Song
{!RGH} Infinite Loops Techno Song
{!RGH} Fiur29 Experimental Song
{!RGH} Three31: B-side Experimental Loop
{!RGH} Viral Jam Experimental Song
{!RGH}-Three31 Experimental Song
Bend||Break - Jam Experimental Song
{!RGH} Whisker's Ballad Pop Song
{!RGH} Cosmo Canyon Video Game Loop
{!RGH} The Tribal Rites Cinematic Song
{!RGH} Silent Nightmare Cinematic Song
{!RGH} *-Winter Daze-* New Wave Song
{!RGH} -+[ Lovely <3 ]+- Pop Song
{!RGH} -+[Uncertainty]+- Pop Song
{!RGH} You 'aint Tryin Experimental Song
{RGH} - Rose Gardens New Wave Song
Skin & Nails Industrial Song
Bend||Break - Vocals New Wave Song

2012 Submissions

My Mad World New Wave Song
Bend||Break New Wave Song
The Original Pot Pie Drum N Bass Song
Dulce Dulcimer Solo Instrument Song
/|\SoothSayer/|\ P_1 Miscellaneous Song
Lovely Lyrics Pop Song
Outdated Jazz Song
D.I.D. Part III Heavy Metal Song
Reap What You Sow Heavy Metal Song
Wiley's Revenge Heavy Metal Song
D.I.D. Part I Heavy Metal Song
The Jersey Sore Techno Song
Impenetrable Wall Heavy Metal Loop
D.I.D. Part II Heavy Metal Song
Forest_0_Peril Heavy Metal Song
La Fuerza es Contigo Video Game Song
Fallout After The 8 New Wave Song
Mellow Ello Ambient Loop
Newgrounds Watermark Miscellaneous Loop
Logically Insane Ambient Song
<-Oh Yea Yeah(Dirty Girl)-> Dance Song
Xenogears - Presentiment Video Game Song
Basic Music_Head Classical Loop
Danger! Danger! Video Game Loop
Wounded TMNT Soldier Video Game Loop
Space *Out Video Game Song
Ancient Battles Video Game Song
Oriental Gangsta Hip Hop - Modern Loop
Giddyup! Techno Loop
Fan-Fair Ambient Loop
Marquis de Nada New Wave Song
Chorale of Strings Classical Loop
(_RGH_) Catchy Ambient Song
RGH: Striving Indie Song
.Castle_Fire. Goth Song
Sort of Samba World Loop
NiN - Only Me - RGMX Pop Song
.<Life For All>. Miscellaneous Song
Jersey Sore Techno Song
Uncertainty-Instrumental New Wave Song
Los Sadwiches Industrial Song
WONDERskate ad Voice Demo Loop
-Something Lovely- New Wave Song
(_RGH_) Banjou Bluegrass Loop
-Uncertainty- Song New Wave Song
Gam3 Loop New Wave Loop
RGH: Infernal Slide General Rock Song
RGH: Dusk Mist Miscellaneous Song
RGH: Galactic Dominion Miscellaneous Song
RGH: Bahamut!(FF8) Video Game Song
RGH: Coastal Slide Miscellaneous Song
Enchanted Hollow Miscellaneous Song
Tainted Slumber(pt2) General Rock Song
RGH: Climate Siren New Wave Song
Sacred Slumber(pt1) Miscellaneous Song
T()rque Ri()t Miscellaneous Song
Solid Arch Miscellaneous Song
Celebration XV Dance Song
Maniac Flood Miscellaneous Song
Creek Wood Miscellaneous Song
Beast Mode Techno Song
Wrong Turn Hip Hop - Modern Song
Viral Rock General Rock Song
Hiatus Miscellaneous Song
Saturated Signal Fire Video Game Song
Rush Wing Miscellaneous Song
Tranquil Downcast Miscellaneous Song
Distorted Impressions Industrial Song
The Fast Track Miscellaneous Song
Viral Video Game Song
Souly Energy Miscellaneous Song
Ankle Breaker Miscellaneous Song
Full Synth Sting Techno Song
Chaing Sephiroth Video Game Song

2003 Submissions

Synth Sting Techno Song
FF8: Mods de Chocobo Remix Video Game Song
Red Fury General Rock Song
Pudding! Miscellaneous Loop
War Trance Miscellaneous Song
War Blues Miscellaneous Song
Hotness Miscellaneous Song
Mystic Rock Classic Rock Song
Mean Bounce Techno Song
Scary Run Miscellaneous Song
Sacred Jingle New Wave Song
Atypical Groove Hip Hop - Modern Song
Simply Chill New Wave Song
Revenge of the Squirrels Miscellaneous Song
Emotional Ballad Miscellaneous Song
RezErection Cinematic Song
Digital Run Techno Song
War Call Techno Song
Short Organ Miscellaneous Song
Blind Rambling Miscellaneous Song
Demonic Spider Techno Song
Acid Bounce Techno Song
Synthetic Space New Wave Song